(Biblical) slavery is ok.

Many atheists argue that the fact that slavery is in the Bible makes the Bible a bad book. This is not actually the case. Biblical slavery is, in fact, a respectful institution in most cases, and tends to be far more bearable than its American alternative.

In America, slaves could be bought and sold randomly, families split up, etc. People were invariable enslaved for life. Slaves could be killed at will. If the Bible condoned this type of system, then surely it would make the Bible an evil book. However, Biblical slavery is different.

In the Bible, slaves are meant to be owned for only 7 years.  After seven years, they are allowed to go free, or may remain with their families.  Rather than splitting families up at will, the Bible allows for families to stay together.  While women do not go free if they are meant as wives, the Old Testament makes it clear that the man has a duty to his female slave. If he does not take care of her, she gains her freedom.  

Biblical slavery, then, isn’t a bad system at all. It is basically like hiring a servant. You spend money and get to have a housekeeper or field worker for a set period of time. Just like regular employment.  If the Bible is evil because it endorses “slavery”, then the capitalist system is evil because it embraces the same exact system.

Slavery, in a Biblical sense, then, is ok, and should be legalized.

Yours in Christ,


6 thoughts on “(Biblical) slavery is ok.

  1. “Biblical slavery” is just hiring a housekeeper.
    And also “slavery” has a negative meaning, theres a reason they allow you to hire housekeepers and not get slaves.

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