Repent Reddit Atheists

I have recently been getting a lot of action on this blog from the atheist community known as the Reddits.  I have read your reddit, and some of you seem like good, decent people. It would be a shame for you to all rot in hell just because you reject Jesus.  Jesus died for all of us. All we need do is accept His sacrifice on the Cross, and accept His Holy Word and the Word of His Father, our Heavenly Father, and we will be Born Again in His image. All we need do to enter paradise is to be Born Again.

Atheists of Reddit, many of you are intelligent people. Can’t you see that if you accept Christ into your lives and it turns out that He is not real that you are not losing much of anything? But if you don’t accept Christ, and He IS real (trust me redditers, He is), then you’ll spend an eternity in Hell. Why not be safe and know Him?

Please stop trying to attack the good Christian Soldier Edward Current as well. He is a True Christian, a soldier for Christ, regardless of what you say about him.  You cannot take him from us.

Christians are atheists with respect to all gods except for the one True God.  We have a lot in common, except that Christians have seen the light of Christ, and you have not.  Dear friends, I beg that you just open your hearts to Jesus and be saved so that you may enter Paradise by my side at the day of atonement.  Some of you seem like decent people, and I would hate to see you suffer in hell.

I will pray for your salvation, and that you might know Christ.  I challenge you to just pray to Him, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Read the Bible, just a few sections, just once. Pray about them. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Surely you will come to know the Truth of the Gospel.

I will be praying for all of you.

Yours in Christ,


22 thoughts on “Repent Reddit Atheists

  1. Anon says:

    Proof. That’s all we ask.

    • Pray to God. Read the Bible. You will feel the Holy Spirit.That should be sufficient dear friend.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have no proof that he exists, not to mention that the bible has been twisted and warped to benefit “Christians.” Nothing good has come of the bible or Christianity on a global scale. Charities rarely pay out their donations, numerous wars in the name of Christ, and countless more examples are present, even in modern day society (Westboro is a good one.) Claiming that some “higher power” exists is nothing more than a society of megalomaniacs that follow a fairy tale. Those who ARE of said faith, should follow ALL of it’s teachings, not just the ones that benefit themselves. There are many current “teachings” of the bible that are not followed in today’s society, because most of the human race has woken up from their delusion. Murdering in the name of God and Christ, Crusades, Equality of women, and many more. Get off your non-existant moral high horse because you’re going to hell like the rest of the planet, should one exist. No one follows it to the letter, and those that try, are in prison, or a mental institution.

      • Dear friend, God is real, so is Jesus. Open your heart of stone and you will see that. Don’t be such a deluded atheist. Were you brainwashed in college?

  2. usefuladjective says:

    With all your reading of our little nook of Reddit, I hoped you would have seen one of the multitude of responses to your exact argument.

  3. says:

    I’ll think for you

  4. WEERDO says:

    As said we want proof. That’s all. I have read the bible and that is what convinced me to be an atheist. Just read genesis! So much stuff in that one chapter is morally wrong! And I am in fact now considering the worship of Zeus. He was at least consistent anger him and BLAM!!! Your dead. *not* but if you want to call the bible proof, I can prove Zeus in the same manner. What. Makes any one religion right and another wrong? Nothing but whichever you were raised in. Now this has turned into a rant but ill ask this of you. Disprove Zeus as the supreme god. Then you’ll know why I don’t believe in Yahweh.

  5. Tim Blackburn says:

    Who is to say that Christianity is the correct religion? Let me ask you a question. Why are you a Christian? Were your parents Christian? If so, you are pretty lucky to have been born into a family which follows the ‘only correct’ religion; all others are not going to heaven. (notice i didn’t say going to hell; there is no meantion of hell in the bible) I have read the bible and am very well educated; hence why I am Atheist. Please reply and answer all questions.

    • Dear friend,

      I am a Christian that saw the light of Christ. I know Christ, and I worship Christ. My parents are heathens. I came to know Jesus through prayer. And there is hell in the Bible. It is described as the lake of fire, or as gehenna.

      Christianity is correct because it solves all logical questions about why the universe appears as it is. The obvious appearance of design is perfectly explained by the work of our Creator, Yahweh, not by some mud to man random chaotic hogwash.

      Yours in Christ,


      • “all logical questions about why the universe appears as it is.”
        Those explanations were made to provide an explanation for things they don’t understand in the past, now that we can understand them, those explanations are useless. The reason I prefer East Asian religions is because they teach morals, not fantasy stories of the world.

      • The Bible is not fantasy. The Bible is TRUTH.

  6. WEERDO says:

    As will I. Oh great flying spaghetti monster touch this poor soul with your noodly appendage and show him the light. Ramen.

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