Noah’s Flood and the fossil record

Did you know that Noah’s Flood is a Biblical, historical, and scientific fact?  The Flood narrative in the Bible offers a solid explanation for how the geological column was deposited. Don’t believe the Flood narrative is true? Then you’re either uninformed or stupid.  The Flood narrative is sure to be true because there are other Flood narratives, based on the Biblical Flood narrative, across the world. Heck, the Epic of Gilgamesh practically copies the Bible in its narrative. Granted, the Gilgamesh Epic does not mention Yahweh, but the Epic of Gilgamesh was written by heathens, and obviously copied and de-sanctified by heathens.


The fossil record clearly shows signs of the Flood.  Millions of fossils are lumped together in “flood plain deposits”, giving us large bone-beds with remains of millions of creatures. This is definite proof of the Flood. As is the obvious stratification of organisms in the Flood.  Shellfish first, then fish, then land animals. This is common sense. The animals that lived deepest or closest to the bottom of the floodwaters died and were buried first. This process of burial created an illusion of order in the rock record.


The evolutionists say that if the Flood happened, then we should have fossil remains of animals so-called out of place in a geographic sense. In fact, we do. We have marsupial fossils buried inSouth America! These poor creatures lost their way on their way back toAustraliafollowing the Flood, and died in South American.


Why would we have sea shells on top of mountains if the Flood did not occur?  Did God miracle the fossils up to the tops of the mountains? Now boys and girls, that’s just stupid.  The fossils were deposited by the flood, not by magic or “continental shift”. 


Noah’s Flood and the fossil record. It just makes sense.

8 thoughts on “Noah’s Flood and the fossil record

  1. Hambone says:

    So to clarify… you think it is less likely that a process we observe and measure on a daily basis (continental drift) is the explanation for fossils at mountaintops, than that the creator of the universe – whose hand has not been seen in any such event in modern times – personally doubled the total amount of water on the planet, then removed all of that excess again once everyone and everything was dead, and that the only survivors were a single family and the animals they had loaded onto a ship.

    The Himalayan mountains have been measured growing at a rate of 2.4 inches per year. This is a process that is observed and tested constantly. Mountains grow – given enough time, the floor of the sea can become a mountaintop. That’s not speculation, it is something that we see happening today, every day, and have been watching for years.

    Did you know that the Young Earth Creationist chronology of the Flood places it as happening about thirty years prior to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, an undertaking that required THOUSANDS of people and animals? Far less than could possibly have been born if the only survivors of the supposed flood were Noah and his family?

    I’m sorry. The flood is NOT a historical and scientific fact, you’re just twisting and misinterpreting the facts to fit the Biblical account, and the Bible is, in this case, wrong.

    That doesn’t make it wrong in other areas. You don’t have to throw out the whole thing just because one allegorical tale doesn’t match the paleontological and geological evidence. The teachings of Christ about compassion and loving your neighbour are true and good, regardless of whether or not Noah’s flood really happened, or whether Moses was a real person.

    • Dear friend, the Bible tells us that the Flood happened. therefore it happened. You must have been deluded in college.

      • Hambone says:

        With respect, the Bible is the claim, not the proof.

        I do not share your belief that just because something is written in the Bible, it must automatically be true. I can cite many examples of claims made by the Bible that are demonstrably false, or illogical, or where the Bible contradicts itself, or even says something that we’d consider immoral nowadays.

        for instance, II SAMUEL 24: “And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.”

        contradicts: I CHRONICLES 21: “And SATAN stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.”

        Both of those statements can’t be true, and it’s far from being the only Biblical self-contradiction.

        Leviticus has it that a bat is a bird (a bat is in fact a mammal, having fur rather than feathers, no beak, and birthing live young rather than laying eggs), Leviticus further claims that it’s wrong to wear a garment of mixed linen and wool (offering no explanation why), and commands that a person with a physical “blemish” – being blind, lame, scarred or anything like that – is not allowed to enter a church. And that’s the comparatively mild stuff, let alone Deuteronomy’s decree that if a man rapes a woman, he must then marry her.

        Would you tell a dwarf he’s not allowed to enter your church and worship because the Bible forbids it? Would you tell the victim of a rape that she must marry her rapist, on pain of being stoned to death if she refuses?

        As I said, there’s a lot in the Bible that’s worth listening to, but we have to pick and choose what we listen to and what we don’t. By doing so we follow the example of Christ, who in Mark 3:1 broke the Fourth Commandment by healing the man with the withered hand on the Sabbath.

        The example he set by doing so tells us that it is perfectly fine to ignore any part of the bible, even the Decalogue, when it is RIGHT to ignore them.

        The Bible is capable of being wrong in places. The story of Noah’s Ark and the Flood is one such place. We all of us pick and choose which bits of the Bible we listen to and which we ignore. We HAVE to – it is literally impossible not to.

        That fact does not alter the message that Christ left us, nor does it invalidate the whole book. We can acknowledge that the Bible is flawed and fallible – because it demonstrably IS – without rejecting that message.

        Being a Christian is a philosophy of love, empathy and understanding. I don’t believe that Jesus would want people to use his name while slavishly asserting that the Bible is 100% true – it’s not. Much of it is allegorical fiction, intended to teach by metaphor. When Jesus told the tale of the Good Samaritan, he wasn’t describing a real event that happened, he was telling a story to illustrate his point, and the same is true of the story of Noah, or Jonah. It’s merely that we’ve forgotten the names of those stories’ authors.

        Please. Use the brain that God gave you.

      • Dear friend,

        even the devil can quote scripture for his own purposes. Trust the Bible, don’t search for contradictions. The Bible is Truth, as it tells us.

  2. fluppuple says:

    You do realize that the epic of Gilgamesh was written hundreds of years before the bible… and the flood story is common in nearly every mythology, Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Aztec, Aboriginal, Greek, Roman, Celtic, et cetera. As a christian, it is far better to embrace knowledge than stick your head in the sand.

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