Darwin recanted on his deathbed

Dear true Christians,

Next time an evolutionist tries to quote Darwin in defense of evolution, just remind them that Charles Darwin recanted his theory on his deathbed.  A good Christian lady, Lady Hope, even witnessed this statement.  If Darwin recanted his belief in evolution on his deathbed, then why should we trust him? This is an obvious attempt by Charlie D to reject an untruth in an attempt to win God’s favor.  Heck. Darwin even said that the eye could not possibly have evolved in his satanic book on the origins of the species.  How can we trust a doctrine not even fully accepted by its founder?

This is something to ponder my fellow Christians.

One thought on “Darwin recanted on his deathbed

  1. Alienfan says:

    Lady hope was a liar. Charles darwins daughter was there and she said that lady hope was not there when charles died, and she also said that he did not recant.

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