How can I go to heaven?

The answer is simple, and Jesus Himself gives it to us in the Bible. You must be Born Again in His name. The wages of sin are death, and with sin, one dies twice, both at their physical death and at their spiritual death.  In Jesus, we experience only physical death, and our spirit lives eternally. Accept Him as your Savior. Repent.  Reject sin and Satan. Accept God’s Word (ALL of God’s Words) in the Bible as True.  Then you will go to heaven.


Yours in Christ,


14 thoughts on “How can I go to heaven?

  1. I found this
    Turns out God killed much more compared to Satan in the bible, so you’re saying that we should worship a mass murderer?

    • Dear friend,

      God only kills heathens. Satan kills everyone and destroys souls.

      • whatsht says:

        Since sinners go to hell, Satan punishs them, but god has done nothing to sinners. sinners are unable to enter heaven despite god claiming to be all-loving, if god is truly all-loving, he would allow entry into heaven regardless of the sins you did.

      • the soul is a creation of God’s. Satan hates all things Godly. God sends the soul to hell as punishment because the individual CHOSE to reject God’s gift.

      • What if they didn’t reject, but instead they politely refused? Do they still go to hell?
        Also, sending people to hell because they rejected gifts? How twisted is that?

      • Jesus tells us how to get into Paradise. If we choose not to listen, then we go straight to hell. It’s as simple as that. Jesus loves us, but we must accept His love for Him to save us.

      • whatsht says:

        True love is supporting them regardless of what they do, your phrasing makes “god” seem like a selfish person.

      • God tells us how to go to heaven, and saves a place for us if we accept His gift. what’s so selfish about that?

  2. zezarles, Master of Theory says:

    This “blog” is a joke I hope. If not, I am truly sorry for what you have become, I honestly hope you fall and hit your head so hard that you get amnesia and just forget the whole concept of religion.
    While I am here, i’m just curious to know what you think 1+1 equals?

    • Dear Christian Friend,

      This blog is as legit as Jesus. 1 + 1 = 2, or whatever God decides it is equal to.

      I will keep you in my prayers.

      Yours in Christ,


      • zezarles, Master of Theory says:

        “This blog is as legit as Jesus.”, ahh, that answers my question: it’s a joke, thank you for clarifying:)

      • Dear friend,

        we are completely serious.And I hope you will allow Jesus into your life; if you do not, you will burn in the fires of hell.

        I will be praying for you.

  3. zezarles, Master of Theory says:

    And instead of praying for me, i’m going to take the advice of a fellow atheist and ask that you instead make me a sandwich, wich is infinite times more productive.
    Cudos on not censoring though:)

    • Nonetheless, I will keep you in my prayers. I will pray that you will feed on the bread of Life, given to us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary. Jesus loves you. You just need open your arms to Him.

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