Good Christian Sites

This is a great Young Earth Creationist website. The people here have provided us with plenty of tools to fight the evil that is evolution.

The people from the Discovery Institute have done good work with Intelligent Design.  Even though they claim to not accept any given religious mindset as inspiration for their model of Intelligent Design, everyone (even the atheists!) knows that ID is really just Creationism in disguise.

The people at Landover Baptist Church are good Christian soldiers. I don’t generally like Baptists, but they do good work.  Check them out.

A great website for all things Christian.  Well worth your time.

Another great Young Earth Creationist website. These guys even have their own graduate school to prepare the next wave of Young Earth Creationists for battle in Jesus’ name.  Keep them in your prayers!

7 thoughts on “Good Christian Sites

  1. rkyeun says:

    I’m so glad that you guys recognize Landover Baptist as a good Christian site. It’s good to see them getting recognition as the ideal soldiers that all Christians should aspire towards being.

  2. Hey, I have a blog on what Christ has done for me. Maybe you can check it out 🙂 Blessings

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