27 thoughts on “Checkmate Atheists

  1. Adrian says:

    You do know that he is an atheist comedian and that his youtube channel is just his way of exposing how… interesting… your arguments can be, right?

  2. Fluppuple says:

    Edward Current is an atheist, and he does pretend to be a Christian, he reduces the beliefs of yours to simplicity, making them easier to attack, I do not suggest using him as a good example of your beliefs, since you’re already being mocked by a lot of people for doing this,,,


    • Dear friend,

      Edward Current is a good Christian, and he is being attacked by atheists such as the fools on Reddit and 4chan. Current will be in heaven with our Heavenly Father. You reddit atheists are likely going to hell.

  3. Jacob says:


    Ahem. “Highlights of my video series poking fun at religion and more.”

  4. RedFetus says:

    Atheist or not, he does point out some very strong arguments for Christianity.

  5. fluppuple says:

    Poe’s Law=Aweomse

  6. joesmith says:

    My god this guy’s good, i almost thought this was an actual defense of the bible

  7. elbruces says:

    I was an atheist until just now when I watched this. Thanks, Edward! I’m right with God now!

  8. Ezme Green says:

    You dreadful bugger!!! Stop worryin’ the atheists!!!

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