Africa: The Cursed Continent

Did you know that the continent of Africa, and its people, bear the curse of its historical past?  The Africa of today is a colonial wasteland, covered by poor black people killing poor black people in a post-slavery world.  If God loves us, then why are so many Africans starving or victims of violence? The answer is a simple one. Africa is cursed.

Do not forget that Egypt is located in Africa. What happened in Egypt?  Pharoah enslaved GOD’s people.  God’s people were kept in bondage in Egypt against their and God’s will, and the plagues of Egypt have since expanded to cover the entire continent. 10 plagues and a historical curse.

Slavery in Africa was God’s punishment for the Egyptian enslavement of the Hebrew people.  Want to enslave God’s people?  Fine. Just expect your people to be enslaved as compensation at a later historical date.  I would guess that many of the money handlers surrounding the African slave trade were, in fact, Jews.  This suggests a form of reparation divinely instituted by God.  And isn’t it funny that African slaves were brought to America, a nation built on Biblical beliefs?  The system itself reflects God’s benevolent way.

What about blackness? Why are Africans black?  Simple. The curse of Ham.  Don’t know what the curse of Ham is? Then you’re not a true Christian. Read the Bible more closely, and pay special attention to the story of Noah and his family. THings will soon make sense to you.

So why is Africa destitute? The answer is simple: because God wants it to be. Ever notice that the areas in the world (Africa, Indonesia, Iran, etc) with the fewest civil rights are all MUSLIM in faith?  Islam is also an affront to God, and God is justly punishing its practitioners by taking away their rights.  God is all powerful and all knowing, but He is also all-loving.  He loves us all, and must punish us when necessary to lead us back to Him.

So do not pray for Africans to be fed. Pray for them to open their hearts to God.  Once they accept Jesus as their true Savior, then their problems will be solved.


Your’s in Christ,


10 thoughts on “Africa: The Cursed Continent

  1. whatsht says:

    I see lots of racism in this, I’m sure god condemns racism, if he exists.

  2. whatsht says:

    I rather be reborn countless time than enter paradise if the only way to paradise is that.

  3. Blackman says:

    STOP BEING RACIST!!…AM BLACK, AFRICAN & PROUD OF IT…if GOD is a God of revenge then why did Jesus preach love and forgiveness….if your writings are true, then God is dead!

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