Memes. Silly Little Lies.

In 1976, Richard Dawkins (in the Selfish Gene) created the term “meme” to mean a cultural replicator similar in structure to the gene. The evolutionists view this invention with the gladdest of tidings.  An entire journal was launched for memetics during the 1990s. Daniel C. Dennett even uses the meme as a tool to “explain” the existence of religion. Dennett is of course wrong. Man was created by God, not God by man.  The meme is a false idea. Enough said.

In fact, the evolutionists don’t even know what makes a meme.  Is it a set of notes in  song, or is it the entire song? Is it a line in a book or the book itself?  The evolutionists can’t even decide on that! And yet they expect us to accept the meme hypothesis as a solid explanation for cultural evolution.  That’s just stupid folks.

In fact, we DO know what a meme is. The godless liberal atheist heathen communists on Reddit and 4chan have already provided us with millions of memes. Look at 4chan.  Look at it. It’s filled with millions and millions of “memes”.  A cat has cheesburger may be entertaining (actually it isn’t, but I digress), but it is not proof of evolution. Anonymous? Also not evidence for evolution. Just look at their silly masks! That is not evolution in action. That is merely a group of godless hackers.

However, the group known as Anonymous has given us one good thing. While they cursed us with Chocolate Rain, they also gifted us with the “Rick Roll,” an act by which a person is tricked into listening to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  In fact, this song offers a good explanation of God’s ways. God is never going to give you up. He’s never going to let you down. He’s never going to run you ’round or hurt. He’s never going to make you cry. You never have to say goodbye. He’ll be there whenever you need him.

So thank you 4Chan and thank you Anonymous for giving us this great illustration of how to describe God’s love for us. You may be atheist communists now, but if you just open your hearts a bit, God will give you a place in His kingdom. Just accept Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us on the Cross, and you will all find yourselves with free tickets into paradise. I pray for each and every one of you in the hopes that you will one day join me in Paradise, where the streets are golden and the women are sweet.

Your’s in Christ,


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