The Greatest Lie on Earth. A review of Dawkins’ “Greatest Show on Earth”.

This review will cast a critical eye towards Richard “Dick” Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution”.  In this review,  I will show that the “evidence” for evolution is, indeed, nothing but a show.  God creates, Satan warps, and then Dawkins studies. The myth of evolution is thus supported.  As we know from the Bible, the world was created in six days by divine fiat, not in six billion years by chaotic, random, goo-to zoo-to you atheistic evolution.   God did it, true Christians believe His Word, and that settles it.  Evolution is nothing less than a lie created by Satan and given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to lead mankind away from God’s True Word. 


Chapter 1: Only a theory?


Yes. Evolution IS ONLY a theory.  Dawkins suggests that a theory is something akin to a scientific fact. That is fallacy with regards to evolutionary theory. Evolution is a historical science, not an empirical one.  Were you there when man evolved from monkeys?  No you were not. Neither was anybody else. Why? Because it never happened. We have, however, a strong written record of how man was Created, from an eyewitness perspective. That eyewitness is God, and He tells us how He created life and the world in the Bible.  Trust Him, not Dawkins. 


Chapter 2: Dogs, Cows, and Cabbage


In this chapter, Dawkins talks about variation in human-bred species.  Duh! Human-bred? This is not evolution! This is design! The only thing that artificial selection shows is the hand of an intelligent designer, not of evolution.  Sure, Dawkins uses computer programs to supposedly “show” how evolution operates. Why? Because he has no REAL evidence for evolution. Sure, Dawkins tries to show how the eye evolves, but evenDarwinsaid that Natural Selection cannot explain the evolution of the eye.  If the father of evolution said that evolution cannot do this, why should we trust instead one of the lost sheep that follows him? 


Chapter 3: The Primrose Path to Macroevolution


Again, in this chapter, Dawkins uses humans as a selective agent to show how evolution occurs.  He shows this Japanese crab that looks like samurai and the ones that looked more like samurai were not eaten by the Japanese because they looked like samurai.  Eating crabs that looked like samurai was apparently forbidden by the heathenistic Japanese religion of the day.  And Dawkins trots out the time argument, saying even (p. 82) that “this presupposes that we know the age of the Earth.”  In fact, we do know the Earth’s age, and it is not billions of years, but thousands of years, as derived from both the Bible and the wonderful scientific advances made by the RATE group.  The Dawkins Delusion once again is revealed to be false.


Chapter 4: Science and Slow Time


Once again, Dawkins trots out the “time” argument.  But the Bible gives us a timescale. And we know that the time scale of thousands of years is true because the Bible tells us that the timescale of thousands of years is true! God tells us what is True, not man.  Trust in God’s Word, not in man’s. The world is only thousands of years old because God created it only thousands of years ago and tells us of this creation through His Words in the Holy Bible. We know that the world is only thousands of years old because we believe the Bible to be True, as it most definitely is.  Millions of years? Not in a million years.


Chapter 5: Before Our Very Eyes


In this chapter, Dawkins trots out examples of microevolution, or evolution within a kind, and purports to show it as proof of macroevolution. Dawkins uses examples such as bacteria, fruit flies, and guppies. Dawkins uses changes in these species to try to claim that evolution works on a macroevolutionary scale.  This is not evolution between kinds but within a kind.   We know that microevolution happens because it happened after the Flood. After all, there were two of each “kind” on theArk, and these “kinds” diversified after the Flood to populate the Earth.  Thus, the Dawkins Delusion once again fails.


Chapter 6: Missing Link? What do you mean “Missing”?


In this chapter, Dawkins tries to use logical speak to try to explain away all the gaps in the fossil record. He only trots out examples of whale “transitional forms”, which he has no proof were transitional.  After all, can he prove that modern whales are descended from these so-called transitional forms? No he cannot.  Why not? Because we are looking not at transitional forms but at finished forms. How can a “transitional form” halfway between one thing and another thing survive? It can only survive if it was created like that to fit in a specific environment.  Finished forms, not transitional forms.  Checkmate Dawkins. The Dawkins Delusion fails again.


Chapter 7: Missing Persons? Missing no Longer.

In this chapter, Dawkins shows supposedly “human” ancestors. But we know from the Bible that mankind came from dust, not from monkeys.  The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve out of dust, and that we are their descendents. Therefore, Dawkins once again is delusional.  Checkmate atheists.


Chapter 8: You did it Yourself in Nine Months


In this chapter, Dawkins tries to use human development during one’s lifetime to prove evolution. But everyone knows that Haeckel’s embryo drawings were fudged.  Why should we trust Dawkins? He’s an evolutionist, just like Haeckel, and working for Satan.  Dawkins is, therefore, wrong by default. His text denies the Word of God, and therefore is necessarily wrong.


Chapter 9: TheArkof the Continents


In this chapter, Dawkins uses plate tectonics as supposed evidence for evolution as well. But every well-educated Creationist knows that tectonic shifts took place mainly during the Flood, only a few thousand years ago.  Just look into the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics model, as well as the Accelerated Nuclear Decay model. There are good books written about them. You should buy them, read them, and then tell your friends about them so that they  buy them as well. Support the cause. Buy our books.  It’s what good Christians do.


Chapter 10: The Tree of Cousinship


In this chapter, Dawkins argues for the relatedness of all species. This is a definite lie. If we’re all so closely related, how come the evolutionists cannot show us a crocoduck? How about a platyfish?  Dawkins is lying for Satan here. Do not trust him, and keep your families away from his atheistic evolutionary drivel.


Chapter 11:  History Written All Over Us


In this chapter, Dawkins trots out the old evolutionary warhorse of “unintelligent design,”  as if he knows God’s intentions in designing things a certain way. How does he know that God did not design life in a supposedly “faulty” way for a reason?  How does he know that this so-called “unintelligent design” is not merely the entrance of death into the world following Eve’s transgression?  Dawkins does not know the Truth because he does not know Jesus. Therefore, Dawkins is deluded into thinking that this so-called “unintelligent design” occurred as a result of evolution rather than as a result of God’s divine will.  Dawkins, know Jesus.  The rest will make sense from there.  Checkmate Dawkins.


Chapter 12: Arms Races and Evolutionary Theodicy


 This chapter ultimately highlights Dawkins’ end goal. Dawkins is trying to replace God with the atheistic, naturalistic, mechanistic religion of Dawkins. Dawkins attempts to argue that religious philosophy is insufficient to explain questions otherwise explained by evolutionary thinking. This is patently false, and the mark of Satan is clearly visible within Dawkins’ attempt.  This is nothing less than attempt to lead good, young, well-meaning, open-minded Christians into the grasp of Satan the deceiver.  Dawkins is an agent of Satan, trying to poison our minds with his evolutionary nonsense. His work should be avoided at all costs.


We have, therefore, exposed the work of Dawkins for what it truly is.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, please kindly share this article with friends and family so that they might not be deceived by Dawkins’ clever poetry.  You just might save a soul. 


Yours in Christ,



6 thoughts on “The Greatest Lie on Earth. A review of Dawkins’ “Greatest Show on Earth”.

  1. Carlos Mendes says:


  2. Zekrom says:

    You say the earth was created a few thousand years ago.

    My religion says that the whole universe was formed billions of years ago by Brahma.

    Now, whose God is right?

    I come from a religion much older than yours.
    The only difference being, people of my religion believe something that answers a doubt correctly.
    Gravity is the result of sins weighing you down? That might also explain the earth going round the sun. Or the other planets going round it perhaps.

    P.S. Space time warp is proved

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