questions to ask an evolutionist

If man evolved from monkeys, then why are monkeys still here?

If evolution is true, then who is their Savior?

Why believe in evolution when God already told us how the world was made?

If the Bible is false, then why does the Bible read as if it were true? Pray while you read it. You’ll feel the truth of It’s Words.

If God loves you, why would you ignore Him and accept Satan and evolution?

If evolution is true, then how come we don’t have any crocoducks?

If evolution is true, then how come Darwin rejected evolution on his death bed?

If evolution is true, then how come it led to the Holocaust? Rotten fruit can only grow from a rotten tree.

If evolution were true, then how come evolutionary theory is competitive in capitalist countries and altruistic in communistic ones?

If evolution is true, why are children still born with birth defects? These are surely caused by Satan rather than evolution.

If evolution is true, explain why certain races are not superior to others.

If evolution is true, then how will you be Saved?

8 thoughts on “questions to ask an evolutionist

  1. Mr. D. says:

    1. When the genetic change which made us hairless apes (NOT MONKEYS!!!) happened, it only happened to one or two of the species. These big-brained, hairless apes went on to reproduce and prospered in the world having the mental facilities to develop intelligent tools and eventually come to control most of the world.

    2. Why do we need a saviour?

    3. Why believe the words written by a desert-dwelling, dehydrated, potential mad man?

    4. If Harry Potter is false why is it real as if it were true?? Your argument is just as valid.

    5. Who’s to say there is a god to love us? And on that note, who’s to say that satan (if he does exist) is the cause of the evolution theory?

    6. Why are there no HumanPigs?? or HorseCows?? These are incompatible species, their genetic information will not mesh to create a crocodile-duck hybrid species.

    7. Because the evidence available at the time was not enough to create a theory. Remember scientific theory is not common theory. Scientific theory is based on years of research and is made to fit around the observed evidence, not the other way around (like many religious theories).

    8. Religion lead to the Holocaust. One great line demonstrating this is Hitlers comment stating that “The Jews killed Jesus”. Also Hitler himself was a devout Christian. As you say “Rotten fruit can only grow from a rotten tree” (a statement which is not true FYI)

    9. It is competitive because religious idiots, like yourself argue in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and are not killed for doing so. In communist countries, such people are put to death or imprisoned in solitude for speaking against the social order.

    10. Genetic mutations. No religion involved here.

    11. No race is superior to another, at least not genetically in the human race. Certain humans consider themselves better than others, those people are what we call ‘fascists’.

    12. Why do we need to be saved from this incredible, wonderful, unfathomable reality? Only a pessimist would look at this universe and say that it is something we need to be saved from.

    • See boys and girls?

      This person was deluded in college! See what happens when we send children to college? They return indoctrinated into an anti-religious mindset. This person is obviously rejecting God in his life and needs to be saved.

  2. Arek W. says:

    I belive you forgot to ask this question:

    If evolution is true, then why we don’t see life originating inside peanut butter jar?

  3. Is this a serious post?

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