How to defeat any Darwinist in a debate. A 10 step primer.

1) Remember that the debate isn’t really about science, it’s about religion.

2) therefore, “God did it” is always an acceptable response to a critical question.

3)  Whenever a Darwinist provides a traditional fossil between two species, he creates not one but TWO gaps in the record. pounce on that.

4) When a Darwinist talks about the Big Bang, ask him “were you there?”  This question does not apply to the Creation Model, because God WAS  there, and we’re told about how it happened in the Bible.

5) Remember, the Darwinists are working for Satan.  Defeat them at all costs.  Quote-mining is a perfectly legitimate approach.  If a Darwinist said it, he meant it. Even out of context. Quote out of context all you want; it’s not dishonest if you’re using someone’s own words to refute them.

6) Whenever you choose a fossil sequence to discuss, pick that fossil which is most like living species to prove that evolution hasn’t occurred.

7) Coelocanth? Hasn’t changed in 65 million years. How about that you Darwinists?

8) If a Darwinist DOES seem to have a compelling argument, call him an atheist and attack him for excluding the Bible for no good reason, leaving himself with only one possible Creation story, the Atheist one.

9)  Whenever a Darwinist does make a good point, and you’ve already used option 8, return to option 4. Ask him how we know it’s REALLY a transitional form. Ask him how he can explain the geologic column (oh, and those missing building foundations at the bottom of the flood deposits? Destroyed by God.  That appearance of order in the fossil record? God’s will and different habitats.  No globally continuous layers besides the K-T Boundary? easy. the flood was brutally violent).  Ask him whether he supports Communism.  Mention Hitler’s commitment to Darwin.  Always keep the enemy on his toes. He is doing Satan’s work. Combat him.

10) If all else fails, make shit up. It’s not lying, it’s ad hocing, or thinking on your feet. And if you’re doing it for Jesus, it’s perfectly fine.

I hope these steps will help you defeat the Darwinists in debate.

Your’s in Christ,


3 thoughts on “How to defeat any Darwinist in a debate. A 10 step primer.

  1. Colten says:

    Not sure if you’re being very sarcastic, or so idiotic that it makes me sick.

  2. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    You need to stick a screwdriver into each of your eyeballs, Jim. Trust me, you’ll be able to contemplate and focus even more on Jesus Christus when you won’t be disturbed by visual receptions of this earthly world.

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