Good Christian Products

Check out these True Christian products, sure to put a smile on the face of all the Christ-loving Christians in your life! Leave a comment if you’re curious!

Walking With Jesus Magnet:

Our new WWJ magnets come in the traditional shape of a Christian fish, but with little legs! These magnets will remind you to walk with Christ in your life every time you visit your car or fridge! The text “WWJ” serves as a double reminder, first, to walk with Jesus, and second, to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?”  These magnets make great gifts for the true Christians in your life!

Russell’s Teapot (named for Russell, my Jewish friend):

Russell’s Teapot is a specially designed teapot that allows you to prepare your favorite Kosher tea using nothing but the heat of the sun!  Fill Russell’s Teapot with water, place it in a window, and allow the Sun, Yahweh’s gift to mankind, to heat it.  Avoid unnecessary (and sinful) work on the Sabbath!  Purchase Russell’s Teapot today!

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