Godzilla and the cleansing of Sin in America

Dear friends,


Did you know that there is a new Godzilla film coming out today? While many moviegoers will plan on seeing it, little do they know that the film perfectly symbolizes how God will punish America if it continues in sin. Little does Hollywood, who has promoted abominations like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Merry Poppins, Broke-back Mountain, and other sinful smut, know about this since they have promoted their anti-christian themes on the big screen that truly offends God. Let’s take a look at this analysis.

Just like in the film, man today is very arrogant and cherishes an atheistic worldview. We’ve seen in history what had happened to the Tower of Babel and the Hindenburg. In the past, many people thought they could reach the Kingdom of Heaven by building the tallest tower in the world, but God stopped that from happening. Not too distant from the start of World War 2, the atheistic German Nazis blindly believed that their their sky flying blimps, which were inspired by heathen scientists like Schrodinger and Einstein, would help their nation promote evolution to other countries. But when Almighty God saw Germany’s intentions to start the war and murder his people, the Jews, he punished Germany by lighting up Hindenburg into a fireball! As it was lit up, the Darwinist Nazis received a very small taste of what was to happen in all eternity! We no longer see Germany or any other country build blimps.

To get to the point, the movie symbolizes how America is lead to punishment if it continues to sin. It is no longer a surprise that our government has been making forced gay marriages to be allowed, that God cannot be preached in our schools, that atheism, pornography, public shootings, strip bars, and homosexuality continue to rise, and that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an Agent of Satan that promotes his sinful “Cosmos” to brainwash the public from God. Many cities are being transformed into Sodom and Gomorrah. As this continues, God is being forgotten and taken away from America. In addition, this movie beautifully portrays how America is doomed when mankind continues to be arrogant and defiant against God. God recently punished Washington with landslides since the state allowed marijuana and gay marriages to be legal, and he flooded a Boulder, Colorado also for legalizing marijuana.

The movie, thankfully, takes place in California which is also defiant towards God. We see Godzilla crush San Francisco that is the capital of homosexuality and demoncrats. Although this movie will undoubtedly display ungodly themes like many other movies, it will symbolize God’s wrath, which Hollywood or the viewers have no clue about. As we all know, God hates being rejected by defiance, and so he had to become wrathful like he did to Sodom and Gomorrah, the Titanic, the Hindenburg, and the Challenger. Just like the movie will show how America is being punished, we saw how a Tryrannosaurus ate a lawyer in Jurassic Park who was a member of the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union. Please read the review of Jurassic Park:


Anyways, since this movie comes from Hollywood, it will still display themes like evolution, lust, adultery, and other sins like just about every other movie from Hollywood. It will try to inspire our kids into believing darwinism and being apart of the Darwinism Cult, but the movie gets it right on how America is doomed just like George Lucas portrayed the Muslims in Star Wars as barbaric sand people.



Martin Baker

God Hates South Korea!

behold the wrath of God!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that a South Korean ferry recently sank, killing many onboard? Many will call it an unfortunate accident, but in reality, the sinking of the ferry was an act of God to punish the South Koreans. Why? Because South Korean is a heathen nation that God hates!

Did you know that South Koreans eat dogs and worship trees? They tolerate Buddhism and Hinduism but reject the Truth of Christianity. They rejected Jesus, and so Jesus has smited them by sinking their ferry. Just like God punished the Philippines with a typhoon and Malaysia with a plane crash, God is now punishing South Korea! If the South Koreans would just embrace Jesus Christ and reject their stupid fake nature-religions, God wouldn’t have sunk their ferry! God punishes us to humble us and break us. Be humbled and embrace Jesus South Korea, and your troubles will end.

Repent and embrace Jesus South Korea, or God will punish you further. There were only 325 students on that boat. If you fail to embrace Jesus, maybe next time God will destroy your schools. God is making you suffer because you rejected Jesus Christ, the Savior who died for our sins.

I have prayed, and the Holy Spirit has told me that those who were onboard that have perished or will perish is meant as a lesson to South Korea. God is doing this because God wants you to return to Him, but you have hardened your hearts against God. The only way God can bring you back is by bringing you to your knees. All you need do is embrace Jesus the Christ and you can escape punishment in the future.

We will be praying for you.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Join Pastors for Santorum on facebook!!

Greetings True Christians!

We are launching a True Christian political movement in America. We need to get every Christian in the nation onboard with Rick Santorum in 2016! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president, and we want him in office in 2016! Get your pastors involved. Get your family involved, and most importantly, YOU get involved! Rick Santorum will save America from the evil ACLU and Obamacare, and return America to its True Christian roots!

Like Pastors for Santorum on Facebook! You don’t have to be a pastor to spread the word! The Facebook page is here (CLICK HERE). Join our movement!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Pastors for Santorum!

Greetings True Christians!

Today Martin and I would like to announce the formation of the True Christian Coalition of Pastors for Santorum! We support Rick Santorum’s bid for the White House in 2016! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president, and we call upon all Christian men and women in America to vote for him. Spread the word to your pastors and to your friends. We will base the operations for the group here, at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com, and on an affiliated face book page soon to come. Stay posted for updates, and spread the word. Help us to get every Christian pastor in America onboard with the True Christian Coalition of Pastors for Santorum! Together we can save America!

From your True Christian Friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker
Founders, True Christian Coalition of Pastors for Santorum

Repent America!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God is punishing the West Coast of the United States? Many have died in landslides in Washington state. There are Earthquakes in California. God is unleashing his wrath through natural disasters God is unleashing his wrath upon the sinful United States, and the wicked will suffer. How do we know that these disasters are a punishment from God? The truth is clear.

Everyone knows that God punishes His enemies with death. The Egyptians were punished with plagues when they refused to let God’s people go. God punished Texas with school shootings and drought after the state said that the Institute for Creation Research could not have an accredited high school. God punished the Philippines with Haiyan, and the ungodly Indonesians and Chinese with the Malaysia Air plane crash. God punished New York City, one of Satan’s favorite playgrounds, with the September 11th attacks. If you have offended God, He will punish you!

the wrath of God

The foolish geologists believe that landslides can only happen in certain areas. Well folks, that’s just stupid. What causes a landslide? Landslides aren’t caused by any physical process, but rather by the direct wrath of God. Much like God flooded the Earth at the time of Noah’s Flood, God can create landslides to punish sinners and unbelievers. It’s simple boys and girls. God created the universe, and he can control it in any way He sees fit. The only logical way to argue against this truth is to believe that you somehow came from a pile of goo that turned into an animal in the zoo and finally into you. That evil Darwinist dogma is just stupid folks. Heck, the scientists can’t even come up with good natural explanations for natural disasters. If the universe wasn’t made imperfect by the death caused by Eve’s transgression, then we wouldn’t have landslides to begin with!

the real cause of landslides!

God has unleashed His wrath upon Washington, home of legalized marijuana, wiccans, homosexuals, and other heathens. Gays are allowed to marry in Washington! Know where else gays engaged in ungodly activity? Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Here’s a friendly reminder:

Sodom and Gomorrah

God also has unleashed his wrath upon the state of California. Gay marriage is legal there. People can buy marijuana legally there. California is the land of homosexual heathenry. California is the home of the National Center for “Science” Education. California is where Hollywood is. God hates California, so he put the San Andreas Fault there to punish the vast numbers of sinners and nonbelievers.

Lanslides are God’s punishment for sin!

Don’t let the ungodly scientists lie to you! Natural disasters are not the result of natural processes! They are caused by the wrath of God! Oregon isn’t hit by natural disasters. WHy? Because they aren’t ungodly! They don’t allow legal marijuana sales! God doesn’t punish the Syracuse region of Upstate NY with natural disasters. Why? Because Syracuse NY is a bastion of Christianity in the ungodly cesspool of New York state. God doesn’t punish Cleveland. WHy? Because Cleveland isn’t ungodly either!

The cities and regions that get hit with natural disasters are cities and regions that have incurred God’s wrath. And boy is God mad at the United States. He is attacking the nation on all sides, unleashing landslides as punishments and earthquakes as punishments and hurricanes and floods and extreme brutal cold as punishments. The United States government is at war with God because of the evils of Barack Hussein Obama, and only one man can save the nation. That man is Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum will combat the evils of abortion!

Rack Santorum was given to us by God to lead us away from sinfulness. Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016! Rick Santorum rejects gay marriage. Rick Santorum rejects atheism! Rick Santorum rejects legalized marijuana and man-on-dog! Rick Santorum isn’t a Demoncrat. No he is not. Rick Santorum is a Godly True Christian Republican, an outstanding member of God’s party and a close friend of our greatest president, George W. Bush.

George W. Bush with God’s choice for president, Rick Santorum!

We must elect Rick Santorum in 2016 to end this string of natural disasters in America. A vote for Rick Santorum is a vote against landslides and floods and earthquakes. A vote for Rick Santorum is a vote against hurricanes and deaths. Why is this possible? Because a vote for Rick Santorum is a vote for Jesus! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president, and he should be yours as well!

Repent America, Repent!

We must end the American war on God. We must elect Rick Santorum in 2016.

From your Christian Friends,
Martin Baker and Jim SOlouki

Beware the Obama Youth!

Dear fellow patriots,

Did you know that the Obama Administration’s next move is to indoctrinate our children as a part of the new socialism wave that is changing America? Obama successfully got away with socializing the health care system so that it would be impossible for the hard working class to afford health care. Thanks to the ACLU for backing him up, he got away with making every unborn child unsafe and other heinous acts that Marx and Stalin would have dreamed of. Besides glorifying fallen communist Mandela by attending his funeral, as opposed to attending the funerals of fallen troops, Obama now wants to recruit our children to further his socialist agenda.

Just like Hitler, Obama will use our children as a political force so that he can stay in office longer. He is also using his great speaking abilities to rally support from the Demoncrat Party, the muslims, gays, abortionists, feminists, atheists, the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union and other groups that are an offense to God. Right now, Satan is looking over America as we speak. Here is a bumper sticker produced by Obama’s agents of evil that was recently sighted on a vehicle:

Obama wants to indoctrinate children like Hitler did, and he has marketed these bumper stickers.

Obama wants to indoctrinate children like Hitler did, and he has marketed these bumper stickers.

We must not let Obama get away with this, and we must also stop him from trying to serve more terms and transform this God-given country into a communist dictatorship! There is one person we must elect in 2016 who will put an end to the evils of the Obama aka Satan’s Administration:

Rick Santorum!

Rick Santorum, God's candidate for president.

Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president.

This should be Rick Santorum’s theme:

Remember to vote for Rick Santorum, God’s one and only candidate, to stop the evils of the Obama Administration from acheiving the same goals Hitler did. Imagine if our children are taught by the Obama Youth to discriminate Christians, to promote evolution in our schools, to do away with the Ten Commandments, to make it illegal to say “Merry Christmas”, to force churches to sell abortion causing pills, and other sinful acts if Obama has his way. As Christians, it is our duty to protect our children, since they are the future doctors, lawyers, preachers, police, and military that we need. Get right with Rick and continue the good fight against Satan. Do not allow this great nation to perish under the grasp of Obama’s Anti-Christian agenda.

Martin Baker